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How many rods can I use?

Two rods is the legal limit at Sierra Brava. The rules changed early last year from three to two , and you can be fined if caught using more than two. I look at it this way – two rods in the right place are better than three of four in bad spots. Personally I think angler’s fish better with two rods as concentration levels are more focussed, and there are less lines in the water when fish are being landed.

Is night fishing really legal?

The rules in Extremadura are changing later this year and the news is good news. At the present moment night fishing is still illegal but, you are allowed to stay on the bank at night!!!

How will we get to the lake?

Getting to and from the lake is all part of the Sierra Brava adventure! I now have a luxury 4×4 with air-con for the hot journeys, and a very large trailer. This is big enough to accommodate 4 anglers equipment, plus your personal kit, my equipment for cooking plus additional facilities, and “Flash” of course. Some areas of the lake take ten minutes to reach, others can take an hour. The tracks are quite slow and potholed in places and occasionally wet and muddy, so journey times can vary considerably.

What is the biggest carp in Sierra Brava?

The unofficial lake record is 69lb. Many 60lb carp are caught each year and there are countless 50’s and 40’s. There are undoubtedly fish that have escaped capture for a few years, so Sierra Brava is always likely to turn up a surprise.

Is it possible to reserve a swim?

Sierra Brava is a public lake, so booking swims is not possible. There is access round most of the lake when the water levels are down, and providing people drive below the white concrete bollards that adorn the lakes perimeter, anglers are allowed to go where they choose. Some areas are always busy with weekend anglers, and other more inaccessible parts are normally fairly quiet.

Are there nuisance species in Sierra Brava?

Crayfish can be a slight problem in the warmer months. Bringing some form of boilie protection – either shrink tube or mesh is advisable. Happily, catfish and bream are not an issue at SB so when you get a take, expect a carp on the other end.

Are there any dangerous insects?

Apart from wasps and bees which are common in the UK and Europe, the only insects or creatures you need to occasionally watch out for are small brown scorpions (normally found under rocks), and the occasional snake. The shy Viper is common all over Europe. Some spiders in Spain also seem to bite. I have never been bitten incidentally!

How many fish can I expect to catch in a week?

There are many factors that apply to this question. When you book, and what is happening when you arrive. Weather plays a large part in carp fishing, as does the time of year. The annual spawning period is normally a good opportunity to bag up, but even that can be different from year to year. Sierra Brava is not a runs water. It can be tricky on some days, but other days can see plenty of action. If you are a capable angler you should be confident when you fish at Sierra Brava, and I would expect you to catch carp during your stay. As an example – I have caught five carp in a night in November. The fish are there to be caught!

Do I need to bring shock-leaders?

I recommend shock-leaders and I supply my own choice which is 36lb Pro-Tough. You are welcome to bring your own type if you wish. There are many sharp and jagged rocks and lots of hidden trees. You need a shock-leader with good abrasion resistance, and good knot strength.

I have heard of anglers taking 100kg of bait with them to France – is this really necessary?

I would never try to sell you 100kg of bait! To begin with I would suggest you buy 5-10kg of boilies, and pop-ups etc to match. Particles such as tiger nuts, hemp, and pellet work well, so a 10kg bucket of mixed tiger and hemp, and 10kg of pellet, should be enough to get on with. If you need more I will supply more. (My stock of boilies is usually around the 200kg region.) If the fish are having it, then you can throw what you want at them, but in my experience, the fish find your hookbait quicker with less free food lying around – it is up to you to keep topping the swim up, after each capture and at regular intervals throughout the day and night.

Can I bring my wife or girlfriend?

If she is a moaner – then no! You are welcome to bring your wife or girlfriend but she does not come for free if she stays on the bank. Tackle hire and guiding would be excluded from the cost of her holiday, unless fishing of course; contact me for a quote.

Are there really bulls on the lake?

Yes, but they are harmless really, and will run away if you approach them. The only time to be careful is when the bulls are in calf or have just given birth – then beware of the large male as he will protect them.

Is there anywhere to buy beer on the lake?

No is the answer. You will have a chance to go to a supermarket before we head to the lake. Here you can buy any drinks and additional snack/food items to help you during your stay. I will obviously provide you with breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I leave the beer/alcohol to you. You are given a coolbox, and i have ways to keep drinks chilled. I don’t drink whilst I am in charge of clients.

What happens if I lose my spod?

I will supply and sell certain items of end tackle. For example: I stock and sell Spombs which are a great new bait delivery product. The device is shaped like a rocket, it quickly opens to fill with bait, you close the device, cast to your spot, and it springs opens automatically, when it hits the water. The product can be cast long distances with ease and retrieves very well across the surface.

What times of year are best for fishing?

March and May are always good times of year due to the spawning period and predictable movement of carp. Mid-July to Mid-Aug are not times I would advise due to the heat. Both Spring and Autumn are very good periods as are the Winter months Dec-Jan which are still very productive and offer a great alternative to harsh Winter fishing elsewhere in Europe with frozen lakes and frozen temps. Extremadura does not freeze and does not get that cold – the fishing in fact can be great.


Well, I have finally made it out onto the banks of Sierra Brava since my short Christmas session. There have been a few times since that session when the desire to go fishing has crept into my mind, but I have been quite busy with other things in January, such as my trip to Prague, and working on my house. These things were priorities. I also go fishing when I want to these days and not because I have to. I think you should fish on these terms to get the most from the sport and when I feel I am just going through the motions and enduring it, rather than enjoying it, I don’t want to be on the bank.

I am fishing a new swim. I have decided that over the next month I will try to get on the bank at least once a week to explore some new territory. I have favoured areas but the water level is really low at the moment and not how it was at this time last year. This has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is the fish are easier to find as there is less water for them to hide in, but the disadvantage is the access around the lake is very easy with a normal car meaning areas that were quiet last year, might not be this year. Last year there were some great areas that could only be reached if you had a good 4 x 4 and you basically had this certain section of the lake to yourself. However, this certain area would not be the same at the moment as the water levels are low, so I suppose it doesn’t matter anyway!

The plan therefore is to do some homework and find some swims that offer really good fishing for myself and my clients, and fortunately on Sierra Brava that is never hard to do. For example I have only been fishing 24 hours and I have caught two carp already, from a brand new swim I have never wet a line in before. This is what I love about Sierra Brava – the whole lake fishes well to be honest and if the conditions are right and the carp are having it, most people stand a good chance of getting a bend in their rods.

Sierra Brava Dreams

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Full details and a wealth of information can be found on this website to help you choose the right package for you, and your fishing friends. Intent on providing a quality service, Jake is only taking a maximum of four anglers in any one booking. Imagine fishing using the latest equipment available, carefully chosen bait, combined with superb food and facilities, plus Jake’s experience in fishing; it can only guarantee a memorable adventure from start to finish.

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